Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank Yous and Updates

Well, we have wrapped up our series of Featured Authors for now. When I first put out the call, I didn't anticipate such a great response. I just wanted to send out a tremendous thank you to all the authors who generously gave of their time to appear on The One Hundred Romances Project, for sharing their love of reading as well as writing, and for offering insights that are so invaluable to aspiring authors out there.

For authors who have submitted review requests: If we've accepted your book for review, I promise, we are working through the reads. If you're awaiting response to a request, you'll hear from us shortly. That pesky need for sleep, work attendance, and WIP writing can get in the way of our desire to sit around and read all day long.

And God, if you could give me either a few more hours in a day and/or unlimited internet access when I'm at work, that would be peachy. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. I could use a few more hours myself. Or a day off work just to read...
    Thanks to all the authors!