Friday, April 22, 2011

Cover Art Bonanza!

Leah Marie Brown shares her cover for Silence in the Mist....

Leah says: Here is the cover art for my novel, Silence in the Mist, available July 7, 2011 in e and paperback form.

It was designed by Amanda Kelsey and I adore it.  Silence in the Mist is a historical novel with strong romantic elements, loosely based on a real-life counter-revolutionary spy.  After her family is murdered by an angry mob, Francoise Despres vows vengeance and dedicates her life to the counter-revolutionary cause.  Narrowly escaping the guillotine on several occassions, she evades capture and inspires her compatriots with her zeal.

I read about the real Francoise Despres years ago, after finding a dusty old book in a Paris bookshop.  I was enthralled by her tragic story and impressed by her bravery.  Her actions - so unorthodox, given her background and setting - seemed spectacular to me.  I knew I had to write a fictionalized version of her life and love.

I think Amanda captured the romance and danger of the era.  I appreciate that she focuses more on Francoise than on her romance, giving emphasis to her strength.

My novel is being published by Eternal Press and is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
Authors, send your cover art to onehundredromances (at) gmail (dot) com, along with purchase links and tell us what it is you love about your own cover!


  1. I think there's something about the pose that captures the attitude of Francoise. The hand on the hip conveys a lot.

    It's definitely the kind of cover that would make me want to see what's going on in the story. Very beautiful!


  2. Love this cover! I've always been a sucker for a beautiful gown, and the color design is awesome. The touch of red in the lips and the title really catches the eye.