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Review: Strip For Me

Publisher submission in exchange for an honest review.

Strip For Me
Amarinda Jones
Release Date:
March 4, 2011
Evernight Publishing
Word Count:
approx. 14,000
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Rett Cameron is stranded in Resort City without a cent to her name. She wants to go home to Australia but how does she do that without money? When one of the locals offers to pay her for her sexual services, she’s stunned. Sex with strangers? For money? Or is there more involved? 

Hamish Clark, the local strip club owner, has a suggestion for Rett. Strip for me and I’ll pay you. The minute he saw Rett he wanted her. He soon discovers she has other needs than just money. But Hamish has a problem. Not all women like him. One wants him dead. 

Joey’s Review:
You know me and erotica by now. I'm one of those analytical readers who wants to know the why and the how, and can't often force my mind to just go with it for a change.

Strip For Me is a short erotic read that requires that need to stop questioning things and just go with it. In most erotic reads, I'm turned off by the fact that the author simply states that the hero and heroine have fallen madly and passionately in love, simply because they had hot sex.

In Strip For Me, you have to accept that. The story is simply not long enough to establish an emotional connection and give you the why and the how. It's Erotica, after all. So colored me surprised when, while reading, I liked Rett and Hamish. 

Rett, in order to get home, must make some money, and fast. She's pointed in the direction of Hamish, who runs an establishment that caters to people with enough money to have their fetishes and desires fulfilled. Rett agrees to play the role of fantasy-fullfiller, because she's in a bind. 

But she and Hamish click, and in between fantasy encounters with clients, Rett and Hamish make some smut-time for themselves. 

I can't really tell you why it works, because I'm not sure myself. I think Ms. Jones simply presented two characters with good chemistry, which made this spicy read fathomable. For once, I didn't care about the logic or the quickness of the declarations of love because I simply enjoyed Rett and Hamish, circumstances be damned.

Strip For Me is an erotic work, with menage and bdsm themes only topping the list of flaming sexual encounters. This is a hot one, with the added benefit of a couple that actually works.

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