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Review: Feels So Good

Publisher submission in exchange for an honest review.

Feels So Good
Berengaria Brown
Release Date:
February 18, 2011
Evernight Publishing
Word Count:
approx. 13,000
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Yasmin meets Pearce and VJ in the trailer park at Resort City. She’s traveling until she runs out of money, when instead, she runs into the two yummiest men she’s ever seen. She’s never had ménage sex before, but with these two men it’s bound to be excellent.
 The sex is awesome, but when she witnesses a robbery, the men become possessive, demanding and over-protective. Will this be the end of her sex odyssey? Or will she be forced to teach them a lesson?

Laura’s Review:

Feels So Good is described as an erotic, ménage romance, and that’s exactly what it is.  At barely 40 pages, it’s a very quick, sex-driven novella.  And it’s very good in that role.

There are three characters in the story: Pearce and VJ who are partners, and Yasmin.  Yasmin meets the men while she is living like a nomad after being laid off from her previous job.  Pearce and VJ are taking a long leave of absence from their respective jobs in order to really explore what life has to offer.  The three hit it off, both in bed and out, and Yasmin agrees to stay with Pearce and VJ for the remainder of their trip.  When the three stop off in a small town to refuel and pick up supplies, Yasmin ends up witnessing a robbery.  The two men freak out, fearing that she could have possibly been in danger, and they become decidedly domineering and macho.  Of course, they admit that it was really just because they love her and want to protect her, etc.  And then she realizes she loves them too, and everything is happy in the end.

Generally speaking, I liked this story.  I loved Yasmin.  She was smart, funny, and had some amazing one liners, particularly when she tells Pearce to stop acting like an “overgrown ape” and to get his “brain out of rectal storage.”  I really can’t wait to use that line the next time I need to tell someone to stop being a moron.  

But I did have a small problem with this book: the falling in love bit.  I really think that this story had a bit of an identity crisis. For me, given the book’s length, this would have worked out better as just a sex-filled ramble.  Since love was thrown into the mix, I really needed the book to be longer so that I could see how the characters got to that point. Pearce’s vague explanation at the end just didn’t ring true to me. I needed something besides multiple orgasms to justify falling in love. There didn’t seem to be anything beyond a physical connection between the characters, so maybe that’s why it just didn’t work for me.    
Laura's Rating:

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