Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cover Art Bonanza!

I'll get the ball rolling by sharing my own cover art and why I like it.

I wrote a romance from the male perspective. Therefore, in my mind, frills were not an option. I wanted simple, bold, and something decidedly unfeminine. Obviously, considering the title, I couldn't have a yellow cover, right? When I filled out the questionnaire from my publisher regarding what kind of cover I wanted, I was adamant that I did not want a strapping young couple gracing the image, because Drew and Kris, the main characters, are simply not the type to lounge around and show off their abs and cleavage. They're normal people, not models. So what I asked for was a shot of a small town scene, since I consider River's View, the setting of Drew In Blue, to be a character in the story, too.

I rather enjoy the simplicity of the cover. I was surprised by the font combo used for the title, but I thought it fit well. Sooo, behold my boy romance cover!


(Drew In Blue is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, and OmniLit)

Authors, send your cover art to onehundredromances (at) gmail (dot) com, along with purchase links and tell us what it is you love about your own cover!


  1. This was a great idea, posting all these covers. I like your street shot a lot :-)

  2. The fun part was that I'd been looking at small town stock images on my own and this was one that I saw that kind of matched my own image of downtown Rivers View. I don't know what kind of imagery I'm going to want with this next story I'm working on. Like how I just assume it will get published?