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Review: The Cowboy Wore Tartan

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Title: The Cowboy Wore Tartan
Diane Davis White
Release Date:
February 17, 2011
DCL Publishing
Word Count:
approx. 60,000
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When the Texas Branch of the Macdonald Clan meets up with the Inverness Branch of the Campbell's, it could be Glencoe all over again. Except the Cowboy, Tav Macdonald is instantly smitten with the Scottish Lass, Nessa Campbell. Though Nessa is smitten as well, she keeps a cool, aloof demeanor as befitting a properly brought up Scotswoman, and keeps him at arm's length until he decides it's time to take the reins and backs her into a wall—literally—while kissing her senseless.

Thought their wily old grandfathers' have a business scheme that includes them at least pretending to be engaged, the pair have ideas of their own. Sparks fly and feelings run the gamut from tender and sensual  to angry and silent, then back again as these two beautiful people clash then mesh in ways that will make the reader melt, guaranteed.

Brandi's Review:

This is a story of new world meets old world.  It was a fun tale of cowboy boots and kilts.  I instantly became attached to the cowboy in our story, Tav, as he struggles with feelings he's not at all used too or welcoming about.  His loyalty to his family, most importantly the man who raised him, his grandfather helps shape his resolve on the matter of a forced marriage that would benefit the family business that supports everyone. 
I have to say that I was not a fan of the heroine, Nessa.  She annoyed me with her back and forth after the fact she decided to give in to him.  She was overly moody I felt, but I did appreciate her love for the new family she made on her trip across the ocean.  But then I felt she had high expectations for a man who lived in a box for his whole life.  She wanted him to be perfect and not be, well a silly man at times and make mistakes.   
But overall, it was very enjoyable and I found myself hoping each of the MacDonald boys get their own story.  And if you haven't notice from my previous reviews I was always hungry for more and look forward to series.

Brandi's Rating:

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