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Review: Talk To Me

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Talk to Me
Cassandra Carr
Release Date:
March 2011
Loose ID
Word Count:
approx. 56,000
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Radio producer Jamie MacMahon is in over her head with ex-hockey player-turned host Drew Milan. She’s attracted to the man who earned the nickname “the Beast” during his playing days from the moment they meet, but he’s her boss and she loves her new job. She’s made plenty of mistakes with men and loathes the thought of being yet another plaything for Drew, a man who sleeps with women but doesn’t date them.  

Drew doesn’t want to lose a great producer and knows Jamie deserves a real relationship, but can’t stay away from the sizzling chemistry they create every time they’re together. Jamie’s insecurities and the very real prospect of having to leave a great job if this thing doesn’t work out, coupled with Drew’s fears about opening his heart and the possibility of losing his first competent producer clash.

Babs' Review:

Jamie works for a radio station as a a producer for Drew Milan, a retired hockey player. She wasn't expecting him to be so good looking and he wasn't expecting Jamie to be hot either.  He was taken in by her, but knew he couldn't do anything about it.  His rule was you don't sleep with a person you work with.  Jamie was taken by his sexy voice and good looks.  After a week of working together Jamie's sister told her Drew was no good like the others and to watch herself after the bad mistakes she has made about men in the past.

Drew and Jamie fought the urge to test each other.  They had no clue they both liked each other until one night after everyone had left the office, Jamie went back to a studio to listen to the tapes Drew and she worked on for a new promotion.  Jamie could not control herself listening to his voice and had to take matters into her own hands to please herself.  Little did she know Drew was on his way back after leaving his wallet behind.   Drew heard his voice and found where it was coming from and also found Jamie as well.

A very enjoyable read.  It was nice to read the banter between the two characters.  There were some misunderstandings and ribbing by Drew's buddies that kept the story flowing and easy to read.  The book kept my interests and the hot love making scenes were out of this world.  A great story anyone would want to read.

Babs' Rating:

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