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Review: To Sin With Scandal

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

To Sin With Scandal
Tamara Gill
Release Date:
December 27, 2010
Noble Romance
Word Count:
approx. 7,000
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One night of passion with the notorious rake, Lord Scandal. Every need satisfied, nothing expected in return. All Lady Miranda Fitsimmon has to do is keep her rendezvous with the man secret from the ton and her heart inured to the memory of their past.

Lord Scandal, otherwise known as Lord Sedley, no longer desires such meaningless liaisons in the ton. His taste for bed sport has changed. He only desires one woman to warm his sheets. And when the woman he thought never to see grace his home walks into his library and expects all her desires to be sated, his resolve to redeem himself is tested.

Can one night of sin give them both what they crave the most? Or will past wounds be too deep to forgive and forget? 

 Laura’s Review:

I don’t know if I can actually find the words to describe how much I loved this Regency Naughty Nibble.  I probably have to go buy every thesaurus in my local bookstore, and even then I might not have enough words.  This was a quick read, and I wish it could have gone on longer.  My favorite romance genre is historical, especially Regency, so you can see why I was excited about reading To Sin with Scandal.  It definitely did not disappoint me.. 

Miranda and Lord Scandal have a past.  Lord Scandal was preparing to speak to Miranda’s father about marrying her, when she caught Scandal in a compromising position with another woman.  Heartbroken, Miranda married another man in haste, a decision that she regretted for the seven years of her marriage.  After losing Miranda, Lord Scandal decided to live up to his nickname and bed every woman in the ton.

Conveniently, Miranda’s husband dies, and after completing a year of mourning, she has the opportunity to spend a night with the infamous Lord Scandal.  Not terribly anxious to be just another notch in his bedpost, Miranda is more interested in recapturing what might have been, even if it is just for one night.  What Miranda doesn’t know is that Lord Scandal has decided that he is tired of his rakish ways and wants to find a wife.   Except that he can’t resist Miranda.  And after your read nine pages of some hot and heavy detailed descriptions of exactly how little he can resist her, you may just find out whether or not reformed rakes make the best husbands after all.

 Laura's Rating:

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  1. Thank you Laura for taking the time to review my naughty nibble. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
    Tam :)