Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: Be Good To Your Elf

Publisher submission in exchange for an honest review.

Be Good To Your Elf
Elizabeth Coldwell
Release Date:
December 2010
MuseItHOT Publishing 
Word Count:
approx. 3000
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Maddie’s Christmas plans are ruined when her divorced mother goes cruising, so she takes a job in Santa’s Grotto. She has to dress as an elf, but the job has compensations. She finds herself working alongside Tyler, a hot divorced father who’s also spending the holiday alone. Can she pluck up the courage to tell him how she feels about him and make the Christmas magic begin?

Ben’s Review:

I loved this story, which MuseItHOT terms "Sweet Romance Erotica."  Maddie is endearing, and it is also easy to see why she falls for the personable, but oh so hunky Tyler, even if he is older than her and divorced.  The two share elf duties at Santa's Grotto, but the heated glances she throws him must have melted some of the artificial snow.  Luckily for her, it seems he shares the passion.

The fun thing about this story is that it stays firmly in the romance area, even when the elf outfits come off and the temperature rises.  Like a good romance should, this leaves me wanting to know more about Maddie and Tyler and how they fare in the days after their Christmas unwrapping.  Not that it wouldn't be fun to tag along for a few more of their steamy winter nights as well.

Be Good to Your Elf is a short story, but I hope to see this author penning novels soon. I loved it, and would recommend it heartily to those with a yearning for sweet romance with a spicy zest of erotica.  

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  1. Congrats, Elizabeth..great review for a great story!
    Christine London