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Review: Everything Erotic, Volumes I, II, and III

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Everything Erotic Volume I
Everything Erotic Volume II
Everything Erotic Volume III
Alice Gaines, Boone Brux, C.J. Ellisson, Danielle Gavan, Delilah Devlin, Greta Goddard, Keta Diablo, Heather Hughes, M.K. Elliott, Nickie Asher, Scarlett Jameson, Sharon Hamilton, Whitley Gray
Release Date:
Word Count:
Volume I: approx. 55,000
Volume II: approx. 56,000
Volume III: approx. 34,000
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Volume I: Ongoing serials, stand alone shorts, sex through history articles, and sex toy reviews. The name says it all - Everything Erotic!

Volume II: The second edition of the Kindle and B & N sensation! Volume II continues the same serials from the first edition and includes even more racy stand-alone stories from 12 contributing authors.

Volume III: The third edition of the Kindle and B & N sensation! Volume III continues the same serials from the first edition and includes even more racy stand-alone stories from 12 contributing authors.

Joey’s Review:

There’s some difficulty for me in piecing together a review for Everything Erotic, Volume I, II, and III, because by design, these compilations are a variety of articles, excerpts and short erotic tales from a group of smutalicious authors over at the Everything Erotic page. I don’t really want to go into detail on each story, because, due to length, it would be too easy to spoil the plots for interested readers. So I’ll try to give an overview without giving the stories away.

These three collections are definitely erotica. Not for the faint of heart. The stories get right to the down and dirty, and are explicit. I say this only so it is made clear to anyone who might trend toward the sweeter side of the romance genre: these are not for you. These stories are for the adventurous reader, and those looking for a bold smut-fix. The themes are varied. You’ve got a dash of BDsM here, a sprinkle of humor there, and the steam rolling off all the stories is scorching. 

My favorite tidbits in the collection? I instantly latched onto Wonderslut, by Alice Gaines for the snappy, snarky dialogue. Randy Romans, by Boone Brux stands out because, well, I’m a geek, and I loved finding a hidden history/mythology lesson amidst the passionate plotlines. But believe me, what Boone is exploring is nothing close to what we read in our high school textbooks. Halloween Special-Cemetery Blues by Nickie Asher was an eye-catcher for me because I do love a dark edge to my stories at times. C.J. Ellison’s sex toy discussion tackles the daunting question of, “What the heck does that Cone thing do, anyway?”

I think this is a great idea, the Everything Erotic collection, and I must rate on the concept as much as the content. It serves up a tempting appetizer for the erotica reader, and successfully showcases the various voices of the Everything Erotic authors.  I liked the mish-mash of offerings: erotic tales, interviews, history lessons and more. This isn’t just an erotica showcase. It’s a test-drive to see what authors fit your tastes in terms of future erotica deliveries. It’s an excellent introduction to the writers and a smart marketing device. If you’re an avid erotica reader, it’s almost a must that if you’re willing to buy one book, you will need to buy all three to follow continuations of stories in the successive volumes.

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