Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review: Eternity: Fire & Ice

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Eternity: Fire & Ice
Jodi Lee
Release Date:
December 31, 2010
Word Count:
approx. 6,000
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Amanda is crushed after she finds her boyfriend with another woman. Still reeling from crashing her car, she's rescued by a man unlike any other, and whisked away to world beyond her own. It is there she becomes Siobhan. Together, Siobhan and Kabhan face Eternity in a world of fire and ice. Part 1 of 6.

Babs' Review:

This novella was very interesting and did not turn out the way I expected, which was good. 

Amanda found her best friend in bed with her boyfriend.  Upset, she took off and wrapped her car around a tree.  While waiting for some type of help a stranger comes out of no where to comfort Amanda and take her to his cabin.  She asked who he was, and he said his name was Kabhan. Kabhan informed her that her name was not Amanda, it was, in fact, Siobhan.

They were together for a year and were husband and wife then a strange thing happened.  She awoke in the hospital to see her mom beside her. What will happen next?

A fast and cute read.  Once you get into the story you can tell where things are going or so you think.  A great twist at the end.  I will be looking forward to seeing the next book.

Babs' Rating:

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