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Review: The Pickle My Little Friend

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

The Pickle My Little Friend
T.C. Archer
Release Date:
March 2011
Word Count:
approx. 9,000
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The ninth victim in the Bicycle Chain murders is found dead on his living room floor grasping a paper bag containing a pickle.

Detective Jack Carter is working on the biggest murder case of his life. Which means, the last thing he needs is to find out that the one woman he has feelings for might be involved in the murders.

Vicky Peik knows things—and one of those things is that her boss, Detective Jack Carter, is in over his head. Vicky has stayed a step ahead of Jack in her private investigation. Only problem is, despite her ability to sense the killer, he has managed to stay a step ahead of her. Something’s wrong, and it’s closer to home than Jack can imagine. Can Vicky find the killer before things go too far, and Jack can’t get out? 

Laura’s Review:
The Pickle My Little Friend might be one of the strangest books I’ve ever read.  Not that you didn’t get that from the title.  This book is 30 pages in the film noir style with a little bit of suspected witchcraft, a police detective who drinks a little too much, and a secretary who, judging by the descriptions, puts Joan Holloway to shame.  It isn’t so much of a romance, as it is a mystery with a side of lust.  And pickles.  And that is not a euphemism.  There really are dill pickles involved.

It’s hard for me to say too much about this book because it is so short.  But it was witty and off-the-wall and definitely a good change of pace.  The story kept me guessing about who the culprit was, and I can assure you that I, like the lead investigator, didn’t see it coming.  

The style of this story was so descriptive.  I could absolutely picture this in black and white with giant cigars, fedoras, and possibly Humphrey Bogart.  And there was definitely some rather discordant jazz popping in at various intervals – like when our investigator is on a stakeout or thinking rather passionately about his secretary.

Very well done, for such a short piece of writing.

Laura's Rating:

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