Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Maybe This Time

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Maybe This Time
Jannine Gallant
Release Date:
May 11, 2011
The Wild Rose Press
Word Count:
approx. 29,000
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Adam York attends his 25 year reunion hoping to see his old running pal, Chloe, and her absence hits him like a punch to the gut even though there’s no reason why it should. After all, they’d never been more than friends in high school. Still, he’d hoped maybe this time

Chloe Lane walks off the set of Get Lei’d with her dignity in shreds but the armor around her heart firmly in place. After a series of disastrous dates spawned by her brush with reality TV, she swears off men altogether. Until she runs into her old buddy, Adam, on the course of the Lake Tahoe Marathon.

Attraction sizzles between them, unexpected and disconcerting, threatening their friendship with the promise of something more. While Chloe battles her fear of commitment, a man from her past lurks in the shadows. Will she risk her heart before it’s too late?

Deniz’s Review:
A keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense!

First I wondered whether Chloe and Adam would get together, and felt like I – I mean, Adam – knew her heart even before she’d admitted it. Then I thought I had guessed the identity of the dangerous man in the silver car. Little did I know...

If there’s one thing that must be nit picked, it’s the scene where Chloe – taking care of her dog as they leave a restaurant – finally decides that she’ll take the risk of loving someone; there's no indication in her actions (just makin' sure the dog does its business...) or thoughts as to why she’d suddenly chosen to take a leap.

But oh! How the reader wants her to make that jump!

Very well defined characters (you just know they had a life before you burst into their story), a sweet mother-daughter relationship, and a softly tingling romance. The course of true love never ran so sweetly. I’ve read a few books recently that featured older couples with one more chance at love, and this one ranks near the top in terms of plausibility and excitement. I couldn’t stop turning the pages!

Apparently, it’s part of a series, the Class of ’85 Reunion, and I’ll definitely look out for the others!

Deniz's Rating:


  1. Deniz - thank you for reviewing my book. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Maybe This Time is my third story in the Class of '85 series. There are some really terrific reads in this series, and I don't just mean mine. LOL

  2. Thanks for the tip Jannine! I'll look for the others :-)

  3. Deniz - great review. You definitely need to check out other Class of '85 Reunion stories. I've read several and I've enjoyed each one. Looking forward to reading more.