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Review: Jezebel's Wish

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Jezebel's Wish

A.J. Nuest

Release Date:
April 15, 2011

The Wild Rose Press

Word Count:
approx. 81,000

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Haunted by nightmares, tormented by guilt, Jezebel came to Redemption Ranch to escape the past—except now she's stuck in the middle of nowhere with no redemption in sight. When her mother pushes her into riding lessons with local veterinarian Matthias Saunders, Jezebel balks. Sure, the doctor is gorgeous, but he’s completely obnoxious and knows how to push every one of her buttons.

Only her deep connection with The Reverend, a gentle stallion who guards her darkest secrets, has her agreeing to spend any more time with Dr. Saunders. Caring for the stallion is the first bright spot in her life in months, and if being around the horse means she has to deal with Matthias Saunders, then so be it. Surely a city girl like her can handle one country vet—even one with disturbing blue eyes. Can't she?

Babs' Review:

Jezebel has recently moved back to Wyoming to be with her mom and sister. After the loss of her fiance,  Jezzy doesn't know what to do or where to go.  Her mother has a ranch where she has a few horses, chickens, etc. She tries to get Jezzy to help, but all she wants to do is forget.  Forget the nightmares, forgive herself for the past.  The nightmares keep coming and she tries to push them aside.

One morning a man walks up and asks if she is lost.  Jezzy doesn't know the man and is very sarcastic to him. We come to find out the man is Matthias Saunders, the local veterinarian. When her mother suggests riding lessons, Jezzy freaks out. She doesn't want anything to do with the man. Matty makes a deal with her:  One lesson, and she can walk away.  She agrees after thinking about it for a while.  

When Jezzy meets the stallion her mother has named Redemption, she falls in love. She starts sharing her secrets with him.  He is her savior about trying to live with all the guilt over her ex-fiance and what happened.

Matty knows how to push Jezzy's buttons.  What she doesn't know, he is doing it for a reason.  He knows she is hurting and keeping secrets and all he wants to do is find out what is going on and love her.  They start to become close, but as they do, the nightmares become even worse.  She needs redemption and needs it now.  Can Matty help her?  Can she help herself?

I enjoyed this read. It has everything: Romance, suspense, thrills and some sadness.  I admit I cried a few times as the heartfelt story was wonderful.  I think we can all relate to how both characters felt.  The writer did a wonderful job with the setting and characters.  You could picture everything that was going on with such clarity you would have thought you were there.

I will be looking for more books from this author.

Babs' Rating:

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  1. Thank you so much, Babs, for the wonderful review! You are AWESOME! I just couldn't be happier. What lovely compliments and great, great feedback. Thank you for spending time with Jezzy and Matty and look for She's Got Dibs coming early 2012. Thanks again! Cheers!