Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Craving Perfect

Author submission to reviewer in exchange for an honest review.

Craving Perfect
Liz Fichera
Release Date:
July 25, 2011

Carina Press

Word Count:
approx. 76,000

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Grace Mills craves being perfect almost as much as she craves raspberry scones. In fact, her life would be perfect if only she could lose ten more pounds, if only the pastry café she co-owns with her sister would turn a profit, if only the hottest guy at the gym would look her way... 

And then "if only" comes true. Grace is suddenly straddling two lives: an alternate reality where she's a size two, weathergirl celebrity and being chased by the hot guy. Only Mr. Gorgeous isn't very nice, and she doesn't get to eat...anything, much less bake!

In her other life, she's starting to realize her sister is less than happy running the family café, and hunky Carlos, the gym's janitor, seems to have a secret crush on her. Maybe there's more to him than meets the eye...
Grace is living two lives and it's beginning to cost her. Is there a way to pick one...that's perfect?

Deniz's Review:

Grace Mills craves being perfect, but I like her fine just the way she is. I don't think I've read a chick lit since I read Talli Roland's wonderful The Hating Game, and it was very exciting to jump back into the genre with Craving Perfect, a sweet tale of love and difficult choices. Of course, I was rooting for Grace and Carlos right from their first date, but the story keeps you guessing what will happen right to the end. Grace has to survive a lot before she learns what's best for her, and a few times I was actually biting my finger, worried about what would happen and whether she'd manage to pull herself out of the tricky situations she'd landed in.

All the elements are there - romance, a dash of fantasy, recipes for yummy desserts, two believable characters the reader can easily relate to.

Deniz's Rating:


  1. Yes, I did enjoy Craving Perfect while rooting for Grace and Carlos all the way.

  2. Ooh, actual recipes? I didn't realize that. Now the story's even more tempting. Thanks for the review; glad to hear you liked it. :)