Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Love a Stranger

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Love a Stranger
Heide Katros
Release Date:
April 1, 2011
Word Count:
approx. 79,000
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Christina Carlton has it all, a wonderful, adoring husband, wealth, privilege…and a secret she has managed to hide for the duration of her marriage.  Her secure world falls apart, when Chase passes away. Left a young widow, she is determined to make her way with her small son. 

Trent Jackson Trattou, MD, has returned from a stint in Iraq and is set to resume his practice at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. But first he is taking a few days off to vacation on the island of St. Simons. Nothing prepares him for the meeting of a beautiful stranger or the hot, impulsive moment of passion they share. He can’t forget her, doesn’t even know her name, and only gave his as T.J.

When they meet again four years later, they discover that the spark between them is still there, but can they rekindle that small flame into the towering passion they once shared?

Joey’s Review:
One of my biggest complaints in reading romance is when two characters are thrust together, and we're told they're instantly in love and must be together, no matter what. It drives me insane.

And what do we get in Love a Stranger? Two characters, people who don't even know each other, who are thrust together in a moment of raw passion. There are elements in this story that would drive me nuts in most reads. Thing is, in Love a Stranger, it all works for me.

I understand why Christina makes her choices. I totally get her physical attraction to Trent. Trent does some things that aren't wise, but I could empathize with his state of mind, and his preoccupation with the girl of that long-ago one-night stand makes sense. Christina and Trent are a good pairing.

There's not much I can say without totally giving everything away, because the points I'd want to discuss are points you would rather discover on your own. So I will say I enjoyed reading this story and plowed right through it, and I'm nursing a major crushing on Trent.

Additionally, I love having the chance to share novels that thoroughly disprove those unfair assumptions readers lay on indie authors. Love a Stranger is very well-edited, and I can't think of one instance in the story when I was distracted by anything grammar-related. All in all, a very enjoyable read.
Joey's Rating:


  1. This book is a five star winner all the way! While I agree with Joey's assessment of the story--Trent is fabulous and their coming together is a revelation of joy for both he and Christina, I must say four stars isn't quite enough. But then, I believe a book that can be read straight through because you cannot put it down must be five stars automatically.

  2. Heide Katros found a very unusual way of bringing Christina and Trent together initially.
    I have never come across such a moment of blazing, instant passion, and the way she brings Trent back into the story is smoothly and elegantly done.
    I agree with DW who said 4 stars isn't quite enough for this story.
    Come on, Joey! We'll give you a 4 for this review, and let's give Heide Katros the 5 stars she so richly deserves for this novel.


  3. Heide, you have awesome fans! *waves to DW and Kate while hiding behind a chair* Looking forward to another Heide Katros story!