Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: So Easy To Love

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

So Easy To Love 

J.A. Pak

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You may have notice that most of the usual factoids we post before a review, here on the blog, are missing above. That's because today's review has to work a little different. So Easy To Love isn't actually a book. It's a blog novella. And I'm reviewing without having read all the updates, because there's quite a bit of story here.  It started in 2009, after all.

Basically, So Easy To Love is about the life and times of Smithie, a woman who finds herself booted to the curb after an unfortunate run-in with her boss in the lady's bathroom. Smithie was trying to be helpful. Boss lady didn't agree with the reality. Smithie gets a new job, and a very intriguing boss who seems, you guessed it, so easy to love. And thus begins the story.

See, here's where I run into trouble, because I don't want to give away what's going on in the plot, because it kind of takes away from what's happening on this blog novella. Maybe I can try to review the execution of it all.

Reading So Easy To Love feels more like you've been granted full-access to someone's diary. Some entries are very short. Some are much more in depth. Some of the more simplistic statements reveal more about Smithie and the characters introduced in the blog than the more complex narratives. The people around Smithie aren't just tertiary characters. They are interesting in their own rights.
It's not just boy meets girl. It's life. I like that. 

I know there have been a few other blog novellas out there, but I frankly didn't make an attempt to read. It seemed a complicated thing to get into, and what if the author simply stops updating? 
Pretty dumb of me. 

So here's where I stand, as I still have plenty of story to read: I like this concept. J.A. Pak has devoted quite a bit of time and thought to crafting a story in blog form, and delivers it in a way that is appropriate to the format. So Easy To Love is complex, and thoughtful. The characters, main and secondary, stand out. And I am curious to see how it all turns out. I think, if you're willing to try a new way of looking at romance and life, you'll really enjoy this story. Click that link above and get reading!

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