Sunday, May 22, 2011

Review: Finding the Missing Pieces

Publisher submission in exchange for an honest review.

Finding the Missing Pieces

Elaine Dyer

Release Date:
May 2, 2011

Lazy Day Publishing

Word Count:
approx. 62,000

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Finding the Missing Pieces, book two in Elaine Dyer’s Texas Trilogy, takes up where Mindset left off and tells the story of Eva Sandoval and Josh Dubeck. Eva has survived a nightmarish marriage and relocated to El Paso, Texas with her best friend, Callie, to begin a new life and embrace this fresh beginning. Callie’s brother Josh offers his legal services help Eva obtain a divorce from her affluent husband, while she searches not only for the path she will choose to follow as she begins this new chapter in her life, but also struggles to regain her self confidence, courage, and other missing pieces which she lost along the way while trapped in her abusive marriage. Josh’s interest in Eva evolves from professional and platonic in nature to protective and devoted and finally transcends into the romantic realm.

The more Eva sees of Josh, the more comfortable she becomes around him. He inspires trust and confidence, two things she’d thought never to associate with any man ever again. As her confidence and positive outlook continue to grow, so does her attraction to Josh. As Eva’s self esteem resurfaces, so do other needs and desires she thought she’d never consider indulging in again. But will her desire for a deeper, more emotional connection with Josh override the extreme caution and mistrust her previous marriage has instilled in her? And will Josh be able to protect her from her furious ex-husband when he is determined to force Eva into a reconciliation to avoid embarrassment and reestablish his dominance over her?

Babs' Review:

Finding the Missing Pieces is the sequel to Mindset. It clears up some things in Eva's past with her marriage to James and also takes us forward as well. It starts where Mindset left off. Callie and Cade are married and Eva is now in school and getting her life together as she waits on the divorce from James to be final. Eva and Josh are staring to get closer as the story unfolds and Eva is making some great moves as volunteering at the batter shelter that Josh also helps with. The literacy group Trish, Callie and Eva start is having their grand opening soon and things are looking up.

Eva is gaining strength and courage with the help from Callie's family to the defense classes the girls are taking. Eva is also getting her confidence back. She is also growing more in love with Josh, but is Josh also falling for her?

I loved this story just as much as Mindset. I like seeing Eva stand up for herself and make her life better after the abusive marriage to James. The story grips you from the beginning just like Mindset and you do not want to put the book down.

Elaine Dyer is one of my favorite authors after the two wonderful reads I had a pleasure to review.

Babs' Rating:

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