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Review: Playing for Keeps

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Playing for Keeps 
Carolyn Rosewood 
Release Date:
November 2, 2011 
Evernight Publishing 
Word Count:
approx. 41,000 
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Evernight Publishing 
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Damien Walker has just hired a sexy new bartender, and landed himself trouble with a capital T.

Teresa's on the run, but from something more sinister than human law. She's a demon on the lam from Hell, trying to hide away in this sleepy town. A job in Damien's bar seems the perfect cover. He doesn't ask questions and he's great eye-candy too. What could be better?

But Teresa isn't the only one with a secret identity and a past they'd rather not remember. Damien knows exactly who and what she is because he'd hunted demons before and old habits die hard.

What's a Nephilim bounty hunter to do when one white-hot little devil walks into his bar and turns his quiet life upside down? She's a complication he could do without. She's also irresistible.

So she wants to cause him trouble? That's nothing compared to what he can do to her.

Brandi’s Review:

The author, Carolyn Rosewood, wrote a story about a not so good demon which is an oxymoron isn't it?  But different then most of these stories, you start to actually root for the kinda bad guy.  Or woman in this cause.  Enter Teresa, a sexy demon who uses lust to have men sign away their souls.  But soon we realize she's not at all as bad as the things she's done even as she tries to pretend it was all about saving her own hide.

Then we have super sexy Damien who carries a dark, sad past with him as he lives a simple life.  When Teresa drops into his bar, the sparks fly.  And duh, she's a lusty demon.  But after a quick and hot coupling, they step back and we see their relationship evolve as any other one would.  They learn to trust, and enjoy one another.  I think my favorite part was the late night card playing.  Something about that made this story very real and relate-able.

My only issue is that there were a lot of names, minor characters really, thrown around in a small amount time ( or in this case it was 4 pages ).  For me, it was confusing and I spent more time trying to outline who was who and not so much on what they were doing.   This is book three in a series, but very much a stand alone.

Overall, a good read and a sweet love story.

Brandi's Rating:

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