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Review: For Everything

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

For Everything
Rae Spencer
Release Date:
August 8, 2011
Lazy Day Publishing
Word Count:
approx. 51,000
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Clay Savage, the ebony haired lead guitarist of the rock band Distracted, has wanted dusky eyed Lily Travis since the moment he met her over a year ago. No matter what he said or how hard he tried, Lily insisted on keeping their relationship as nothing more than causal friendship. Weary of her excuses and only wanting a chance, Clay resorts to manipulation and cons Lily into being his weeklong date. Now that Lily can no longer avoid him or conceal herself as a wallflower, Clay determinedly pursues her only to stumble upon the horrific secret she conceals. Faced with trauma of her past and the shame she wrongfully bears, Clay must now prove to Lily he can protect her and convince her they have a chance For Everything.

Brandi’s Review:
The love story of Lily and Clay was actually quite beautiful and moving.  Lily, who went through something beyond awful and tragic, really transformed into someone who just survived to an actual survivor.  All with the love and patience of a good man like Clay. 

However, I felt that the beauty of this transformation was muddled with head hopping, repetitiveness, and unrealistic behavior.  There was head hopping, or changing the point of view of a comment or thought, between the characters sometimes in the same paragraph.  It was very confusing to me to figure out if I was in Lily's head or Clay's from moment to moment.  Typically you stay in one person's head for a whole scene, not back and forth.  Then unfortunately there was lot of the same words used repeatedly, often on the same page.  

And lastly, and the thing that really bothered me was the way Clay reacted when coming face to face with the man who harmed Lily.  The whole scene was awkward at best.  Any other romantic hero in that same situation would've turn that guy into hamburger with either their fist or whatever was handy.  No matter if they were a rock star or a garbage man.  Especially after the vile things that had transpired between the villain and the heroine.   

Sadly I think this author's beta reader and/or editor really missed the boat on making this a five star book.  I'd love to see it reworked, because I know that this author has a lot of potential. 

Brandi's Rating:

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