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Everything Erotic Book Tour Interview

The One Hundred Romances Project is very pleased to welcome the lovely authors from Everything Erotic. Click the magic button to read our interview, and remember to check out the links at the end! Now on to the questions....

Tell us a bit about Everything Erotic:

Everything Erotic is a group of twelve authors doing the unthinkable—posting original erotic fiction and non-fiction for free on a blog. 

The blog launched September 1st, 2010. Since their debut, they’ve built a following of close to a thousand readers via Amazon's Kindle Blogs and over 2000 followers on Facebook. Due to overwhelming interest, they started to compile their short stories, serials, and articles into eBooks. 

The group currently has five eBooks available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Smashwords. The heat level of their writing varies from erotic romance to pure five alarm erotica at its best—there’s something for every reader to enjoy.

The EE Team of Authors: Alice Gaines, Boone Brux, C.J. Ellisson, Danielle Gavan, Delilah Devlin, Greta Goddard, Melissa Ecker, M.K. Elliott, Nickie Asher, Roxanne Rhoads, Scarlett Jameson and Whitley Gray

Introduce us to your stories:

Greta: I like to think of the Everything Erotic books as Amuse Bouche – little bite sized morsels of sexiness to dip into whenever you have the taste for something a little saucy ;-) The books are anthologies of short stories, serials, non-fiction pieces and even sex toy reviews – all of which were first aired on the Everything Erotic blog.

Alice: Sinful Wager was a December release from Changeling Press ( It takes place in hell, and Lucifer is the hero. In my version of the underworld, hell is a casino where the sex and the booze are free and everyone is a winner.

How long have you been writing? Have you been at this for a while, or is this a new journey?

Nickie: I’ve been writing for six and a half years, though I wanted to be a writer since I was thirteen years old.

C.J.: I’m a newer author, having only started writing in 2009. My career began as a distraction from some health concerns and has surprised me with its all-consuming effect on my life. My family is thrilled with my new career and supports me 100%. Overall, it’s been a wild ride!

How much of yourself is present in your writing? Do you look back and find that characters possess a little of your own self in them?

Danielle: There is a lot of me in my writing, definitely. A lot of the sarcastic humour is mine. One of the characters I’ve written IS me. Don’t ask which one… I’ll never tell. ;)

Boone: I think my heroines tend to have characteristics I’d like to possess, even if in reality I don’t. You will find A LOT of me in the humorous stories. This is my natural go to style and is easiest for me to write. I do have to make sure the characters don’t all sound the same. Sometimes I’ll read several scenes I’ve written and I realize these are basically my husband and my banter. I strive to find a quirky edge to my characters and make their actions consistent with that quirk.

Tell us a little about you, the reader. What authors/genres do you love and why?

Greta: I’m a voracious reader and will pretty much devour anything bound and printed on paper – and now also anything easily downloadable to my Kindle! This week I had an old family friend tell me that as a three year old I used to obsessively read car number plates! If I find a genre or author I like, I tend to ‘read them to death’. Sometimes this can take a while – like when I discovered Agatha Christie – gads, that woman wrote a gazillion books! I’ve always had a soft spot for historical romance; Diana Gabaldon, Mary Balogh, Stephenie Laurens. But I usually hanker for something with a little more sizzle on the pages – whatever the genre; Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan or Jenna Black, just to name a few.

What drew you to writing erotica? 

Joan: I always wrote steamy sex scenes and some point I realized what was going into my novels was a tad above hot. Going to erotica wasn’t a big step from where I already was.

Danielle: I hadn’t ever planned to write erotica until C.J. put out a call for authors interested in joining an erotica blog she was putting together. My curiosity was piqued and I figured “What the hell.” I gave it a shot and haven’t looked back since. Best decision I ever made.

What’s the most challenging aspect of writing an erotic novel?

Boone: For me it has always been working in the sex. Yeah, ironic, eh? That was one of the reasons I embraced the chance to write erotica. It was a crash course in thinking outside the box and then putting it on paper. I’m getting better.

Greta: Only the writing! Like every other writer in the world, my life has a bad habit of getting between me and my keyboard. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to just sit down and play with the characters in my head!

What kind of romance character would sweep you off your feet if he were to walk into your life?

C.J.: He’d miraculously have all the same traits my husband has, with none of his annoying ones that make me want to smother him in his sleep. Oh, and he’d be better in bed, younger and be better looking, too. LOL! And, of course, in this fantasy I’d be younger and prettier, too. Wait, that sounds suspiciously like my books….

Marissa: All my latest crushes have been around either Eric Northman from True Blood or Damon Salvator from The Vampire Diaries. So basically I have a thing for bad-boy vampires! Not sure if that’s a romance character, but if either of them walked into my life, I’d happily let them sweep me off my feet, even if it did mean losing a pint or two of blood!

What do you do when not writing? 

Greta: My husband and I own our own hospitality business which is a 24/7 commitment. I study part time and help teach Maori language at my children’s school.

Alice: Cooking. I love to cook. I like to grow vegetables so I have great food to cook. I’m also madly, passionately in love with Oakland soul band, Tower of Power. I see them whenever I can and usually spend a long weekend in Las Vegas every year to see the band with other fans.

As an erotica author, do you have a secret writing identity (cape or no cape), or do most of your friends/family/coworkers know all?

Marissa: I do write in a pseudonym, but I don’t make any secret about it. I tell most people I know and all my friends and family know what I write.

C.J.: Another fun one! LOL! My family and friend all know what I write. The ones who aren’t shocked or appalled have all “friended” my pen name on FB, knowing I’m never on under my real name anymore. I simply don’t have the time to balance two personas, so I’ve merged them into one-the real me only occasionally edited for public consumption.

Any new stories in the work that we can look forward to?

Danielle: Always! I’m always working on a new installment of ‘Miss Ellie Swings’, my serial for Everything Erotic. On the non-erotica front, I’m just about done writing Cassiela, the sequel to Ardeur and the second book in the Abbey of Angels series. I’m also working on another series with an author friend of mine. That series is titled Warriors of Elysium.

Boone: I’m excited about a new anthology coming out in April. All proceeds go to benefit Autism Awareness. It’s a great project and is being published by Entangled Publishing. My story is about a woman who follows Satan on Twitter. Loads of fun. 

Book two of my Bringer and the Bane series, Kiss of the Betrayer, will be coming out in October. It’s got a rockin’ hot cover. Can’t stop staring at it. I’m working on Kiss of the Betrayer now and will be done soon-hopefully.

Where can we find out more about you and your writing?

The group blog and Facebook Page is the best spot for notice when a new story has gone live on the site. We aim for three pieces a week, sometimes it’s more sometimes it’s less. 

A big thank you to the Everything Erotic Authors for taking the time to chat with us! Take a gander at what the ladies are offering below....

And now, a few gifts from the Everything Erotic team of authors...

If you have a Kindle, our very first issue, compiling blog posts from way back in 2012 will be free from February 9-11th. Currently there are five books offered, with our six titles going up this week. You can find it by following this URL link or copying and pasting it into your browser:

And if you'd like some other free ebooks (for all eReaders, not just Kindles), even non-erotica ones, then please check out this new website. They're dedicated to matching up interested readers with free ebooks directly from the authors:

The ladies from Everything Erotic can be found at the following locations on the web:
Everything Erotic blog:
Kindle blogs: 


  1. Thanks for having us on the blog today. It was great fun answering your questions and interesting to see what the other ladies answered as well. Some really good answers were given.

  2. Wow, great interview! I love the idea of erotic amuse bouches. It'd be fun to try my hand at one or two...