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Review: When Harriet Came Home

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

When Harriet Came Home 
Coleen Kwan 
Release Date:
October 24, 2011 
Carina Press 
Word Count:
approx. 52,000 
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After ten years of exile, Harriet Brown is back in town. Things have definitely changed, but so has she. Now the confident owner of a catering business, she's no longer the shy, overweight girl everyone—including her hot teenage crush—used to ignore. In fact, she's determined to make peace with Adam Blackstone for her part in exposing his father's secret affairs and corrupt behavior as mayor. 

But Adam has changed as well. No longer a pampered, rich pinup boy, he just wants to reestablish his family's good name. He reluctantly agrees to a truce with Harriet, and is surprised by how changed she is. He doesn't want to be drawn to her, but he can't seem to resist her allure. 

As Harriet struggles to come to terms with her past, her adolescent infatuation with Adam morphs into something more serious… Will she ever be accepted again? Or will ancient history ruin the chance of a future full of possibilities?

Deniz’s Review:

I haven’t read a story set in Australia since I finished a classic Australian Short Stories collection some months ago. It was lovely to return to that side of the world in Kwan’s tale, but I could have used more! A few additional details of the vegetation or the climate, maybe, of the look and feel of the towns, or of dialect – especially early on in the story – might really have made me feel that I was in a different country.

On the other hand, I was completely immersed in the small town of Wilmot – Harriet’s discomfort with having her every move gossiped about came through loud and clear.

The best part was that the build up of the relationship between her and Adam – so clearly hostile at the start – was so well paced. Near the end, I felt like shaking both of them – can’t you see you’re crazy about each other?! – but then came an unexpected twist, and I was once again on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen.

I’d definitely look out for more books by this author!

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