Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Ellie's Song

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Ellie's Song
Ginger Hanson
Release Date:
January 2011
The Wild Rose Press
Word Count:
approx. 68,000
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Take one heroine and hero gripped in relationship limbo. Stir in a possible media scandal. Sprinkle lightly with a three-year-old child. Add one mother-in-law,a former boyfriend, a celebrity reporter hot for a story break and a Hollywood starlet. Knead above ingredients. Cover and let rise in a warm place. Bake for 31 chapters. Yield: Ellie’s Song, the story of shy folk artist Ellie Kellson who loves country singer Lane Walker, but abhors the media attention he needs to be a successful singing artist.

Joey’s Review:
Ellie is a small town Southern girl, raising her little girl, Ashlee, in Tassanoxie, Alabama. The only hitch in her ordinary existence is the fact that she shares a past with famous country music singer, Lane Walker. They fell in love before he hit the big time, and Ellie learned the hard way that she couldn't deal with the side-effects fame had on their world.

Fast-forward a few years: Ellie has left Lane behind and moved back home to Tassanoxie. Her predictable life gets turned on its ear, however, when Lane shows up on her doorstep shortly after the tabloids trumpet his new engagement to one of Hollywood's biggest stars. The question is, what does Lane want,, and will his arrival throw her world into fresh turmoil?

Ellie's Song is one of those sweet stories that hold little to no surprises. You can probably guess how this story will turn out. But that's okay, because it's still a great lazy-summer-day read. The cast of characters are all likeable and easy to warm to. My biggest problem while reading the story was deciding if I wanted Lane to be more Brad Paisley or more Tim McGraw in my mind. Sorry, I have tunnel vision when it comes to those Nashville hotties. It's always Brad or Tim, in my mind. 

I enjoyed the story and read it very quickly, as I tend to do when an author has hooked me. Lane is sexy and sweet, and Ellie is sassy, without becoming cliche. 

I was happy to discover that, even if Ellie's Song was finished, the author offers other stand-alone stories in a series of novels set in Tassanoxie. I encourage you to pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea, crawl into a hammock with this novel, and try, try, TRY to resist the craving for cinnamon bread that will definitely set in by book's end.

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