Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: Fallen Star

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Fallen Star
Ian Barker
Release Date:
November 2010
Rebel ePublishers
Word Count:
approx. 20,000
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From the age of sixteen, Karl Weston has only ever known how to be a pop star. When that world is turned on its head by the death of another band member he has to learn to cope with a new set of challenges. He begins to discover that in a society obsessed by celebrity, the one thing worse than remaining in obscurity is having your fame whisked away.

Fallen Star is the story of Karl’s struggle to return to the limelight, encountering corrupt management, auditions for sleazy movies and the world of reality TV along the way. As if his career wasn’t complicated enough, for the first time in his life Karl finds true love with Lizzie. But she’s the daughter of an IRA martyr and that makes her someone his ex-soldier father is bound to hate.

Fallen Star is about the price of fame, the shallowness of celebrity culture, the blindness of prejudice and the redeeming power of love. It should appeal to fans of Nick Hornby and Tony Parsons or to anyone who has allowed themselves the guilty pleasure of being sucked into watching a reality TV show.

Brandi's Review:

Oh Karl.  How I rooted for you, and wanted you to be so good and a real hero and you fell a little short.  I loved Lizzie.  She was relate able, she was honest and she was real.  You probably see me use that word a lot but I guess that's because I am not reading a "paranormal" or even "suspense" romance, therefore it needs to be real to me.  I want to connect with the characters because if I don't then their inner dialogues kind of bore me.  So for Karl, he was a typical young man with a once fantastic life that had it all taken away because of an accident.  He could have been so much better, but sadly this might be the way young men actually are.  I will say for me, this book took me a little longer to complete because its an English novel.  It's not been Americanized at all, but that didn't take away from it.  This was a fun book and kind of a backstage look at the life of a once boy-bander.

Brandi's Rating:

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