Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Call For Reviewer

I'm considering adding a reviewer to the lovely group I've been lucky to assemble so far. We love to read but hey, even us avid readers need to come up for air, sometimes.

Our needs are simple: Someone willing to give honest, but constructive (and well-worded) opinions. We're not here to rip authors' works to shreds. If something problematic must be addressed, we prefer to find a diplomatic way of discussing it.

Our focus is, of course, small-press and indie romances that are e-Published, so you will need to have an eReader, or the necessary apps for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or desktop. The majority of stories are submitted in PDF format, with the occasional Kindle or Nook format.

And naturally, a love of reading a wide variety of romance genres helps. We get quite the variety of romance sub-genres, from romantic suspense to paranormal and romantic fantasy.

Interested? Email Joey at onehundred romance (at) gmail (dot) com for more information!

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