Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: Deep in the Heat of Texas

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Deep in the Heat of Texas
Alta Hensley, Melissa Ecker, Amy LeBlanc
Release Date:
February 11, 2011
Lazy Day Publishing
Word Count:
approx. 56,000
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Los Angeles Times reporter, Maggie Wright, is assigned to do a story on the dying dude ranch industry in the south. When the newspaper offers to foot the bill for Maggie and her two friends, Payton Evans and Sophia Foster, to stay at the legendary Weston Ranch in Valentine, Texas, they jump at the opportunity. While it’s not the Caribbean cruise they wanted, how bad could it be?

Expecting a tired farm with dusty old cowpokes, the three big city friends are taken by surprise when they’re each assigned to a dashing cowboy or two for some good, old fashioned ranch training and a whole lot of rough riding. Their limits are tested in ways they never imagined, both in the bedroom and out on the range. After two weeks, will the women run back to the bright lights of Los Angeles without so much as a backward glance? Or will these skilled cowboys have them longing to stay for just a little bit more of their Texas-style heat?

Babs’ Review:

Three friends from California go on a two week vacation to a ranch out in Texas.  When they arrive at Weston Ranch they are taken in with their surroundings.  Maggie, Sophia and Payton think how bad could it be? Should be pretty easy.  They arrive at their respective cabins to unpack and for Sophia to hurry to her computer for work.  Sophia gets a knock at the door, and to her surprise, a gorgeous cowboy is standing at her door.  Sophia doesn't think it was a good idea to come.  Maggie, in her cabin, gets a knock at her door from two sexy cowboys.  Payton couldn't be left out, and at her door is one sexy cowboy as well.

The girls are in for a great surprise with working on the ranch and some great looking guys to boot.  Each of the friends were assigned one good looking Weston Cowboy except for Maggie she gets 2 hot Cowboys one Weston and his buddy Chase.

The Westons consists of three sexy brothers, Deacon, Dylan and Drake  Dylan's best friend Chase helps out as well.  They are going to enjoy the time the girls are there.

This is one hot, steamy read by three wonderful authors.  I enjoyed the read not for just the hot, racy scenes but the girls each had a great story and had to work some things out about themselves.  Sophia is all work and needs to learn how to relax a bit and have fun too.  Payton is so closed up and doesn't want to open up, but loves being a police officer.  Maggie is working on her career at the paper.

We can all relate to any one of the girls and what is going on in their lives, not to mention wanting to be in their shoes with the cowboys.  The girls each fall hard for the cowboys and vice versa, but will the girls stay in what Sophia labels The Little House on the Prairie?

If you want a hot, out of this world sexy read, this is the book for you.

Babs' Rating:

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