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Review: Pilgrim for Love

Publisher submission in exchange for an honest review.

Pilgrim for Love
Anna Austen Leigh
Release Date:
November 23, 2010
Logical-Lust Publications
Word Count:
approx. 23,000
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After five varyingly successful marriages, Alys is on pilgrimage—determined to find husband number six. She’s also determined to have a bit of fun on the way, and she’s broadminded enough to make the most of her opportunities. But when the young squire Parys falls in love with her, she finds life becoming rather more complicated than she bargained for.  Can she still find the right man before they reach Santiago?

Deniz’s Review:

It’s always more difficult to review a book you’ve enjoyed. How many different ways can one say “read this book!”? That’s just what I urge you to do with Anna Austen Leigh’s latest release, Pilgrim for Love, especially if you’re looking for a lighthearted erotic medieval romp. A swift pace, vivid characterisation, and some steamy scenes at just the right intervals all combine to make this an exciting novella. The fact that it’s set in the same time period as my own novel has nothing to do with my appreciation, of course (insert tongue in cheek here).

If I was pressed to criticise at least one aspect, it would be that the language veers on the modern side a number of times. Yet the story is told so deftly and the slight twist at the end ties everything together so neatly, I was easily able to overlook some of the more obvious anachronisms. Not so much a criticism, but I would have thoroughly welcomed more details on the final bedroom scene!

I’d also love a sequel featuring the feisty Alys’ daughter, and am looking forward to reading Leigh’s other work The Diligence de Lyon. Just take a look at this first sentence: “Clarissa Lovell was a young woman of just the age when peaches begin to bloom in the complexion, and just the degree of beauty that causes mischief without tragedy.” And it gets hotter from there...

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