Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello To The New Followers!

Welcome to The One Hundred Romances Project! Our first batch of requests has been received, and I'm catching up on emails and beginning to disperse reads. Reviews to come!

I decided to make a change and include self-published digital romances, because I believe there are stereotypes that exist that allow good stories from independent authors to go unnoticed. All submissions, small-press and self-published alike, will be held to the same standards in terms of grammar/structure/formatting. Check out our review request guidelines for more information.

Are you a soon to be or recently published eRomance author? We'd love to see your work! We would adore some contemporary romance, romantic comedy, historicals, paranormal, etc. Contact information is in the sidebar!

Also, just wanted to give everyone a heads up: We are on Twitter  and Facebook. Add us and spread the word to your romance author and reader friends!

Thanks again!



  1. Fabulous idea, Joey. We authors in the trenches salute you!
    Christine London
    (pop on over for a visit ;)

  2. Thank you! Of course I'm right in the trenches with you, so I am more than happy to help bring any attention to life in the eRomance world!