Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Ablaze

Author submission in exchange for an honest review.

Tierney O'Malley
Release Date:
August 1, 2011
eXtasy Books
Word Count:
approx. 56,000
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Dylan Band loves women, but after his ex-fiancée cheated on him, he has decided to create rules to avoid getting hurt again. He plans to stay commitment and pain-free. If he can have a wondrous one night with a woman, that’s good enough. When Frappuccino-addict Angel McCready comes to stay in the condo he shares with her grandpa, he knows how to keep his heart well-guarded from her charm and still flirt with her.

Coming to Seattle, Angel expects to find a relaxing down time. To get away, to forget that she nearly married a man with horrible secrets. What she doesn’t expect is to find that’s she’ll be sharing the condo with a delicious tour guide who must have majored in flirtation, who reads to her to help her sleep and has made her forget about everything with a simple smile.

Their flirtation escalates to a mind-blowing erotic sex. In two short weeks, their time together becomes an addiction. Night and day, they share wondrous times together. Angel is an aphrodisiac Dylan begins to fall in love with. They’re perfect. But there is one problem. Dylan is not what he presents himself to be. 

Brandi’s Review:
This book by Tierney O'Malley was actually a fun read.  I only have two small complaints.  One, is I don't think the blurb for the book does it justice.  I wasn't all that interested in the story, just from the blurb.  

The other is that I wish this book were longer.  I really loved the interaction the hero, Dylan, had with heroine, Angel.  I adored his foul mouthed, misbehaved brothers and sincerely, hint hint, Ms. O'Malley, hope that they all get their own books.  I wish we could have met Angel's grandfather, whom I assume is actually a match maker.  I wish we could have enjoyed more time with this couple as they fell in love, and also more time with those delicious brothers.  

But over all this was a sexy page turner, and I can't wait, again hint hint, for more!

Brandi's Rating:

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